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Robot Vacuum Cleaners

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Robot Vacuum Cleaners, your ideas, your reviews, your advice

All About Robot Vacuum Cleaners


Whether traditional vacuum cleaners are destined to be forever replaced by their robotic rivals is a tough question to answer. While many robot vacuum manufacturers are emphatic that their robots will free you from the burden of vacuuming, this is an exaggeration at its best. It is true however, that an automatic cleaner can significantly reduce the frequency that you would have to do the cleaning yourself. Many users of robot vacuum cleaners report that after a few days, their robot has become something they could no longer live without. Others however, are completely disappointed with their robot once they see it in action. Our mission is to provide you with honest and detailed information about robotic vacuum cleaners and reveal the myths associated with them.

Reading the contents of our website will help you to make a more informed decision on the purchase of your robot vacuum cleaner. In providing the information on this website, we have tried to be as unbiased as possible. We know that as people who are passionate about robots, we have our own inevitable biases. Therefore, we have tried to give you general information with which you can judge whether purchasing a robot vacuum cleaner is a good decision for you in the first place and if so, which specific model in the market will potentially fit your needs better. We have designed this website for people who have no prior knowledge about robot vacuum cleaners but are merely curious about this product. We no not advocate for or against robot vacuum cleaners in general or any of the existing models in particular.